Recently, I was thinking about adding a new feature to the possibility to pull/subscribe to a RSS/JSON feed and create Article activities when a new post is published.

On the "public" website, it would show up as a link to the original post (like Mastodon is doing), but the AP object would contain the full post.

This way, your blog (#IndieWeb powered of course) would be able to fetch the replies/likes/shares collection of the Article and display it.

Any thoughts?

@donblanco Hey! Thanks for wanting to try it out. It's because the project is not production ready, it's still in early development (and it's actually a lot of work to keep this instance working with all my breaking changes :p).

I would recommend waiting for a first release (which is not that far away), but I will try to start updating the README on how to get started.


I hope I will be able to release a "v1" in September, I think it will stay pretty simple, as explained on the project README (

For Docker, it's not a requirement, it's just that the setup is a little complex so it greatly simplifies things. I have to update the documentation on deploying, but as of right now, I would not advise to run an instance as it's still too buggy.


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