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Trying to follow the creator of the new Fediverse software Epicyon (to check federation).

Got a an error POSTing to the inbox (400).

Look at source code, and see getNicknameFromActor(actor: str) -> str:. The "nickname" is extracted using "well-known" path prefix in the URL.

The nickname is not part of the URL in microblog.pub, it's in the actor payload.




Modern ActivityPub compliant server

@nipos@social.avareborn.de You should have a refresh button to get the "federated" results. On my test mastodon.social account, it shows the right results.

And, unlike Pleroma (at least for now), microblog.pub is sending/pushing a final Update with the results (Mastodon is spamming with Update, I don't want to implement that, so it sends only 1 final update).

And the backend will also fetch results from the object directly at the end of the poll for implementations that does not send updates.

But of course, I discovered some bugs and not everything's working as expected, so I am working on fixing that.