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Loving the new CI pipeline that now runs on a self-hosted Drone instance 😻 (instead of Travis CI).

PSA: for the folks running a microblog.pub instance, I've put some migration notes in the README.

Please do a backup before the migration (copying the whole directory should do the job if you're running with docker-compose).

I will merge the branch to master soon.



A self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog. - tsileo/microblog.pub


Unicode emojis to be more precise.

The picker will of course be configurable (a space-separated list of unicode emojis), but this is the default configuration 😺

Lot of commits recently! This instance is running the new branch without Celery/RabbitMQ!

Recently, I was thinking about adding a new feature to microblog.pub: the possibility to pull/subscribe to a RSS/JSON feed and create Article activities when a new post is published.

On the "public" website, it would show up as a link to the original post (like Mastodon is doing), but the AP object would contain the full post.

This way, your blog (#IndieWeb powered of course) would be able to fetch the replies/likes/shares collection of the Article and display it.

Any thoughts?

@fitheach It's because Mastodon won't fetch the existing activities from a remote instance when following someone.

microblog.pub is now generating and caching thumbnails for all attachments/actor icons.

Now the website is blazing fast \o/.

Just added counters in the header to display the number of notes/followers/following!