It's been a long time I haven't posted a update, so here we go:

On the side:

  • A blocked server entry now blocks all subdomains
  • New "GIF mode" for video without audio (as Mastodon converts GIF to video, we now autoplay them in a loop when "hovered")
  • The media proxy is more stable (bigger timeout + retries)
  • A bunch of bug fixes and improvements

On the side:

  • Webmentions replies/likes/reposts are now being merged with ActivityPub interactions
  • Improved microformats2 markup in templates

Also, in case you're worried, microblogpub is not vulnerable to the activitypub-troll[.]cf "attacks", as we're not fetching all the profiles mentioned in a note.

And I also pushed a update.

Thanks to all the new contributors!

I just pushed part one of an update that will merge and interactions.

For now the facepile will look a bit funny if you have IndieWeb interactions, but it will be fixed soon with part two.

For now, the replies/likes/shares counters of will combine the two, but an update in the templates is still needed, as it will still show all the webmentions reactions as "Webmentions". Soon they will go to the right section (likes/shares or displayed as a replies). Older webmentions will be considered as unknown (for now).