It's been a long time I haven't posted a update, so here we go:

On the side:

  • A blocked server entry now blocks all subdomains
  • New "GIF mode" for video without audio (as Mastodon converts GIF to video, we now autoplay them in a loop when "hovered")
  • The media proxy is more stable (bigger timeout + retries)
  • A bunch of bug fixes and improvements

On the side:

  • Webmentions replies/likes/reposts are now being merged with ActivityPub interactions
  • Improved microformats2 markup in templates

Also, in case you're worried, microblogpub is not vulnerable to the activitypub-troll[.]cf "attacks", as we're not fetching all the profiles mentioned in a note.

And I also pushed a update.

Thanks to all the new contributors!

Some recent updates:

Working on support, I've just got the install/backup/remove/restore steps working! \o/

The next steps is ensuring the upgrade is working, but that's enough for today.