Lots of progress this past week:

Working on support, I've just got the install/backup/remove/restore steps working! \o/

The next steps is ensuring the upgrade is working, but that's enough for today.

Lots of progress on this week:

  • Added the ability to prune old objects from the inbox
  • Added proper support for deleted/moved remote accounts
  • A bunch of bug fixes
  • Improved/fixed templates

There are a lot of things I want to work on like:

  • Full-text search for authored content
  • An optional frontend

But I will focus on tweaking the existing features for a first tagged release instead!

I just pushed a new "direct messages" admin page to show the most recent threads.

For everyone wanting to test drive microblogpub, please hold off for a bit until we start tagging releases!

There are a few upcoming breaking changes.

New privacy replace feature to allow rewriting Twitter (and others) URLs with privacy friendly alternative like Nitter.

[[privacy_replace]] domain = "youtube.com" replace_by ="yewtu.be" [[privacy_replace]] domain = "twitter.com" replace_by = "nitter.net" [[privacy_replace]] domain = "medium.com" replace_by = "scribe.rip" [[privacy_replace]] domain = "reddit.com" replace_by = "teddit.net"

The official account for microblog.pub is back!


You may have to unfollow/follow again as it is running the v2, which is a full rewrite.