Changelog for the past week:

  • Partial Micropub support, for creating notes only: tested with entries (CLI), the Indigenous mobile app (attachment upload/location sharing support), and various online tools with success
  • Support for attaching a location/place to a note, using a Place tag, interoperable with #Honk (cc @tedu@honk.tedunangst.com)
  • Reshaped the liked/boosted display on permalink pages
  • A new "DMs" (direct messages) admin section
  • Various bug fixes
  • Hit the 777 commits threshold

#microblogpub #ActivityPub #IndieWeb :flan_hacker:

Recently, I was thinking about adding a new feature to microblog.pub: the possibility to pull/subscribe to a RSS/JSON feed and create Article activities when a new post is published.

On the "public" website, it would show up as a link to the original post (like Mastodon is doing), but the AP object would contain the full post.

This way, your blog (#IndieWeb powered of course) would be able to fetch the replies/likes/shares collection of the Article and display it.

Any thoughts?