Changelog for the past week:

  • Partial Micropub support, for creating notes only: tested with entries (CLI), the Indigenous mobile app (attachment upload/location sharing support), and various online tools with success
  • Support for attaching a location/place to a note, using a Place tag, interoperable with #Honk (cc @tedu@honk.tedunangst.com)
  • Reshaped the liked/boosted display on permalink pages
  • A new "DMs" (direct messages) admin section
  • Various bug fixes
  • Hit the 777 commits threshold

#microblogpub #ActivityPub #IndieWeb :flan_hacker:

Trying to follow the creator of the new Fediverse software Epicyon (to check federation).

Got a an error POSTing to the inbox (400).

Look at source code, and see getNicknameFromActor(actor: str) -> str:. The "nickname" is extracted using "well-known" path prefix in the URL.

The nickname is not part of the URL in microblog.pub, it's in the actor payload.




Modern ActivityPub compliant server