Yup, Pleroma too. I was running out of space :blobjoy:

And others like Prismo (Reddit alternative):


Microblogpub (lightweight blogging):


...and more.

@gaab @dev somebody has offered to help with editorial tasks, so hopefully that will improve soon. i just need to actually talk with them about what to write.

@dev awesome to see project is still on! Thanks!

@aris @dev Très cool. L'idée d'un serveur mono-utilisateur est une bonne idée, poussant le concept de décentralisation (pas d'admin). D'autres bonnes idées comme le "outbox" #ActivityPub qui est un blog.

Écrit en #Python.

It's time for #FollowFriday 🍹 🍸 🌴

@dev Microblog.pub: Self-hosted single-user blog federated through #ActivityPub (see also https://github.com/tsileo/microblog.pub )

@read_as Read.as: Open source alternative to #Feedly, federated using ActivityPub, under development

@p2play P2Play: A #PeerTube app for Android, under development

@fediversecast FediverseCast: A podcast about the #Fediverse

@TommyWiseau Tommy Wiseau: official account for the actor/director

Previous #FF / #FFed posts:

@dev yeah i'd love to try it out, but somehow i try to avoid docker - fear the unkown 😆

Looking forward to your howto!

#Microblogpub blogs can also be followed with #ReadAs, and should handle posts without any issues (still need to test). But existing posts aren't pulled in on follow either, because of how the outbox is set up.

Going to need to fully use go-fed for outbox parsing, instead of my currently hacked-together (and much less robust) solution.

@dev It's a super cool project, and I love anything that doesn't use JS. I might take it for a test run, but I think I like having a multi-user instance too so I can con my friends into joining :P

just discovered microblog.pub (@dev)

"A self-hosted, single-user, #ActivityPub powered microblog."